Your Club Your Way

That's right! Your club your way!

No charters—No surprises!
Teach your club's needs the way you feel comfortable.
Your club, your children, your way!

The Keepers Clubs are also perfect training tools for a single family. Just get the handbooks and get started! It's that simple. No dues, member fees, reporting, or any other hassles to make it difficult. It's Your Club Your Way!

  • No registration required
  • Uniforms not required
  • One lifetime handbook—convenient and economical
  • Join a club that bonds your family
  • Easy to start—you'll love what you've begun

Order handbooks today! Start the new year with great new tools to teach and bond your family! Prepare your children for the future in a fun way! Keepers Clubs are perfect for families, homeschool co-ops, and church groups

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