The Giant-Killer E-Book

Code: 007761
Price: $4.95
Author: A.L.O.E.
Publ: Keepers of the Faith
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Pages: 135
Age: Intermediate

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Meet Giant Sloth, Giant Selfishness, Giant Untruth, Giant Hate, and Giant Pride. They are as wily and sneaky as they are huge and strong—these giants within. Meet Fides, an honorable knight, whose job it is to slay these giants and others. He wishes to do so to please his King, with Whom he wishes to go soon to live. Fides is often easily tricked by these giants, as he often underestimates them and their power. He comes uncomfortably close to being destroyed by several. Only with the sword and shield given him by his King, and with the aid of his friend Conscience, does he narrowly gain the victory.

The Giant-Killer is considered one of A.L.O.E.'s finest works, and she intended it to be a teaching device designed to be read in a family setting in which parents can explain and supplement discussion of its truths. It is allegorical in nature, and is a story within a story in which a mother uses to teach young people about the subtle, yet odious, sins of the heart.
Available in .pdf and .epub format.

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