Basket Weaving

Basket weaving has been around since nearly the beginning of time. The basket was one of the first devices used to carry things. The earliest baskets most likely were made out of whatever was closest at hand: vines, twigs, reeds, or leaves were woven together. Even today, all baskets are still handmade. With all our technology, there has not been a machine invented to make baskets.

Baskets were named for their use and shape. Hence, we have egg baskets, melon baskets, market baskets, flower baskets, and many other types.

Basket making is an enjoyable skill to learn. Today, people use baskets to decorate their homes, to store things, or to do both at once. Handmade baskets also make lovely gifts. Once you have made one or two baskets, you will get a feel for it. Then you can enjoy this wonderful craft throughout your life.

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