Bee Keeping

Bees are a unique and necessary cog in God’s creation. Without the pollination done by bees while going about their business of making honey, the flora of our planet would probably cease to exist. Learning to become a beekeeper has the added benefit of being able to supply your family with sweet and delicious honey, which is one of God’s most perfect foods!

Helpful Information

Be sure to place your beehive on a flat surface so that the beehive will not tip over in a strong wind or storms.

Equipment needed:

  • Bees — You will need honeybees and a queen bee.
  • Beehive — There are many different sizes and kinds of beehive.  The type you need will depend on how many bees you would like to keep.
  • Metal beehive tool — This is the all-purpose tool for beehive keepers.  It is used to pry open beehives, to separate the beehive bodies, and to scrape the frames clean.
  • Bee brush — This gently removes bees out of the way when checking on the hives.
  • Smoker — The smoker gets bees to leave the beehive, which allows you to extract the honey.  The smoker has a simple design consisting of a funnel, combustion chamber, and bellows.
  • Protective suit — This will protect you from the bees when working with them.
  • Fumer board — The fumer board encourages the bees to leave the super so that you can recover the honey.

Things to Learn

  1. Read a book about bee keeping.
  2. Why is a queen bee needed, and what is her job within the beehive?
  3. What is the average lifespan of the queen bee?
  4. What is the average lifespan of worker bees?
  5. What is an angry or “hot” beehive?
  6. What is meant by requeening?
  7. Name three jobs of a worker bee.
  8. How many bees can live in a beehive?
  9. If possible, raise your own bees or help someone who keeps bees.

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