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The Keepers Bookshelf is a gold mine of nourishment for the mind and soul. Readers of all ages find refreshment and encouragement in stories about serving Christ, not to mention the real, Christian character in these books. They are not just stories. Godly truth and excitement jump from these pages. See what we mean. Change a life! It could be your own or someone you love!

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Do not just give your children books to read! Make it an experience! Gather together in the evenings, pop some popcorn, snuggle under some quilts and read these wonderful, godly books to your children. Share them together. Talk about the struggles of the characters, the workings of God in their lives, how the Scriptures impacted their lives. Make family reading time a time to be treasured and remembered. In fact, make it the treasured time of the day -- a real highlight in the lives of your children. This special time of closeness will strengthen your family ties and build their faith and character. Plus, this time of sharing, this open communication, will possibly allow you to know your children on a different level, and may help to forewarn you to thinking or situations that may harm them. We cannot stress highly enough the importance of family times, family memories, and family reading of the Bible and godly books. Why not start now with your family? You will never be sorry you did.

All of our books are personally proofread for purity of content. We have read hundreds and hundreds of children's books. Most are simply thrown away. We think that you as parents would want to know what we look for in books. We hope you will read the article "How Do We Pick?" It lists twenty-two things that will not be in the books we have chosen for our book selection.
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