Doll Making

Girls have always had a special place in their hearts for dolls. When they are very young, they love playing with baby dolls. As they grow older, they often enjoy many types of dolls. Some girls go on to make dolls, and that is what we will learn for this skill—how to make dolls. Doll making is really a fun skill to learn!

There are many different styles of dolls that can be made. Country dolls, rag dolls, Victorian dolls, and baby dolls are just a few. You can experiment with different types of hair and faces to make each doll unique. Quality, homemade dolls always seem more special than dolls purchased from stores. Maybe that is because they are usually made with love. Perhaps you will enjoy this skill so much that you will make dolls for others, and even someday make them for your own little girls. Now that is a thought! And now is a great time to learn.

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