Ethnic Cooking

We live in such a wonderfully large country, which is made up of a variety of ethnic groups. Ethnic simply means pertaining to a particular group of people who share common things such as food, dress, culture, or lifestyle. Thus ethnic cooking is representative of a particular people. In the United States we even have ethnic restaurants so we can sample the favorite foods of others.

Keepers has individual award pins for Cajun, Mexican, Thai, French, German, Italian, and Polish Cooking. The “Ethnic Cooking” award pin can be used for any other ethnic type of cooking.

Things to Learn

  1. Select an ethnic group and write a few paragraphs detailing the original location of the ethnic group, and why their food style is particular to them. For example, fish may be important to those who live near the ocean or rivers, but would not be important to those who live inland. Climate certainly impacts food choices.
  2. Choose five different recipes from the ethnic group you have selected. Prepare these ethnic dishes and serve them to your family or club group. These recipes do not have to made all at one time but can be spread over five meals.