Historically, fencing is the art of sword-fighting with fast, light blades most popular during the 17th through 18th centuries. Modern fencing is a fun and fast-paced sport that is demanding both mentally and physically. It not only trains the mind and body to recognize movements and react quickly, but encourages strategic thinking in a form of mental chess against your opponent. It is a rewarding activity and skill for children of any age to learn!

Things to Learn

  1. Describe the foil, epee, and saber fencing weapons and how they differ.
  2. Name the parts of a fencing weapon.
  3. Name three different hilt types for a fencing weapon.
  4. Demonstrate the proper fencing stance for foil fencing and how to grip a foil.
  5. Demonstrate a knowledge of the rules and scoring to your parent or leader.
  6. Define the following fencing terms:
    • Match
    • Bout
    • En Garde
    • Engagement
    • Right-of-Way
    • Touché
  7. Define and demonstrate the following fencing actions:
    • Parry
    • Thrust
    • Lunge
    • Advance-lunge
    • Riposte
    • Beat
    • Feint
    • Coulé
    • Coupé
    • Passé
    • Patinando
    • Fléche
    • Salute
  8. Have six fencing matches and keep score.  (Be sure to wear the appropriate protective clothing.)

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