Home Decorating

You might be thinking, “Home Decorating? I can’t decorate my home! Why learn about this now?” Well, you are not responsible for your entire home, but there is one small area you can call your special place, and that is your bedroom. Some girls are able to have a room to themselves, while others share their room with their sisters. Whether you share or not, the little space that is yours—your bed, and perhaps a dresser or desk, or even just a nightstand—is your personal space.

Let us talk about this space. Perhaps the colors have already been chosen and the bedspread picked out. What more can you do? Well, what does your space look like? Is it peaceful or does it look like a tornado just passed by? Is it restful or is it stressful? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable?

One day you will have an entire home to manage. Now, you have only your bedroom. If you should have a home of your own one day, you really should begin now to learn how to care for it. You begin by caring for your space within your current home.

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