Hospitality Sharing

Keepers Club Forms Hospitality Club

We started the hospitality badge at our Chesca-Green Homeschool Keepers of the Faith Kick-Off picnic. We completed the book work during the picnic. Now, to put into practice what we learned, we formed our own Hospitality Club. At each meeting, sleepover, and the banquet, we will have 2 or 3 girls act as Hospitality Hostesses, greeting and welcoming members and guests as they arrive--making sure that everyone feels welcome. We had 3 "Hospitality Club members" welcoming at the door during the picnic, and it really made our new girls and moms feel welcome. (As one of the girls saw a new family arriving, she came and got me so that I could greet the new mom and introduce her to some of the other moms.) We are looking forward to a great year with the HOSPITALITY CLUB!  (Tallmadge, OH)

Excelling at Hospitality

We have done this merit twice and loved it each time.

First: We had the girls think of one older woman they thought excelled at hospitality.  Then we had each of them write out two or three questions they would like to ask that person about hospitality.  We compiled all the questions and had the girls interview the person they admired with these questions.  We then discussed it at our next meeting where we finished the other requirements of the merit.  The questions ranged from “How to act hospitably if a surprise guest shows up and your house is messy,” to “What to talk about with your guests.”

Next: We had a sleepover where that night we invited one of these women to share a little bit about how she prepares to be hospitable and the ways that she tries to make her guests feel comfortable.  It was a great discussion on how they can treat their guests hospitably, even at a young age.  As our sleepover activity, we made centerpieces and also learned napkin folding. The  next morning we had the girls serve a brunch to their families where they decorated the tables very nicely with the centerpieces they made and their newly acquired napkin folding skills.  The girls practiced greeting their guests and serving their guests (some by helping siblings with their meal so their parents could visit uninterrupted and some by serving food).  All in all everyone had a great time and the girls learned some great ways that they can be hospitable at their age.  (Holly Springs, NC)