How To Use The Contenders Handbook

You will find that this book will make it easy to learn new skills. It will usually explain the skill, tell you what you need to know, tell you what materials or tools you will need, tell you how to use them, offer requirements to gauge your accomplishments, and even give you a place to record your progress.

You will want to take time to browse through the different skill sections, and see all the exciting things you can learn to do. Next, pick out a skill that you would like to learn. Then, just plunge in!

If you find that you still have some free time in your weekly schedule, you may wish to begin learning another skill also. You may find that it is convenient to practice different skills at different times, while working on several simultaneously.

When you have learned a few skills, you might begin a few new ones. Just do not start too many at one time. It is always better to work on a few things and complete them than to have many projects started and none finished.

You might be wondering how you will learn all the new skills you find here. It is easier than you think! This handbook will tell you nearly everything you need to know in order to learn each skill. Many skills require few or no materials, and you usually will find most of what you need to learn the skill, and even do a project, explained right in the handbook. For skills which require more commercial materials or patterns, such as rocketry or woodworking, you will likely want to purchase a pattern or a kit, which will contain any additional information or instructions that apply to that project. Many such project kits are available. These kits contain all the required materials, they offer step-by-step instructions, and they often contain any tools that may be needed.

Whether you use Contenders for the Faith as a personal curriculum, or meet regularly with others from a few kindred families, or you are part of a larger church or homeschool group, you will never regret any effort that you spend learning the skills in this program.

And what an opportunity this is for fathers and sons to spend enjoyable, wholesome, fruitful time together! Sometimes a father teaches, and sometimes father and son share really neat times learning together.

That is all there is to it! It is easy as can be! As you browse through the skills, think about all the things that you may soon know!

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