Isabella Alden Complete Book List

People often ask me, Susan, if I have a mentor or who is it that has taught me the most about living the daily Christian life. I have to readily say that Isabella Alden, although she lived nearly 150 years ago, has surely been my mentor. I do love biographies of great missionaries, and have a few other favorite writings, but through Mrs. Alden’s writings, I have come to examine nearly every aspect of the Christian life, and the Lord Jesus has used her characters to reveal sin in my own life and weaknesses in my character to which I had been blinded. I certainly am grateful to Mrs. Alden for the legacy of her books which she has left us, and am delighted to be able to be a small part of bringing them back into print for our generation. I pray you shall be blessed by them as I have been.

Isabella Alden (Pansy) lived from 1841 to 1930. She was known for developing characters who possessed an unwavering commitment to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. She is incredibly skillful with her pen to present the characteristics of a professing Christian in contrast to a possessing Christian. Each book has a particular biblical point she is trying to share with her readers. Her stories are all true. They are based on the many varied lives of the people in her churches. Many characters have had their names changed, but a number of stories contain the actual names and are completely true as written such as the Chautauqua series. We, personally, have enjoyed reading these books and feel they accomplish the work intended by Mrs. Alden, to point people to a true relationship with Jesus Christ.