Letters From You!

Dear Zakula Family,

I want to let you know how much your ministry has meant to our family. Now that we've completed our homeschooling adventure and I reflect on how the Lord has worked over the last 17 years, Keepers of the Faith stands out as the program that has had the most impact for godliness on our family. For 14 of those years, clubs have been an integral part of our lives. Just in terms of participation, my son was in clubs for 7 years, my two daughters each for 12 years, my husband was a leader for 7 years, and I led a club for 13 years and was director of Keepers for our school for 13 years.

How has Keepers of the Faith impacted our family? Four things come to mind:

  1. Clubs were a nice addition to academics. They provided learning for real-life—the hands-on, practical skills like cooking, doing laundry, and working with tools that kids need as they become adults.
  2. We've all learned things that we might not have tackled without an organized program. As a leader, I've learned how to cross stitch, water color, tat, and do other things that I never would have done if I hadn't had to teach those skills. It has given our whole family the confidence to face projects that may seem daunting at first.
  3. Keepers of the Faith helped to give motivation to all of us for regular Bible reading and for memorizing larger portions of Scripture. Previously, the memorizing we had done was one or two verses. I love that your badges were for whole chapters where we could see the context and that by learning large passages we could stretch the capacity of our minds. This has also been useful since all of our children have attended or are attending a local Bible college where they are required to memorize longer passages of Scripture. They have the double advantage of knowing that they are capable of tackling these assignments and knowing the beneficial results of hiding God's Word in their hearts.
  4. Leading our kids' clubs has strengthened our relationships with our kids and has given them an example in leadership and service. It's so important for boys to see their dads taking the time to invest in the lives of their sons.

Thank you so much for creating Keepers of the Faith and for your ongoing commitment to strengthening families. Thank you for your commitment to service (Tony!) and your amazingly quick shipping! It was always so fun to get that box every spring, to sort the badges, to see new badges that I hadn't seen before, and to think of all the children who did all of the work that those badges represented. I will miss being an active participant in clubs, but will remember fondly our club days. And who knows, maybe one of these days there will be grandchildren to bake with and to teach God's Word!

With much love in Christ,
     Mindy (California)

To KOF Company,

I’d like to take a couple of minutes and share how KOF has changed our lives. We have 8 children, 2 boys and 6 girls. We have numerous KOF books. In the inside cover we write junior (8-10 yrs.) etc., and there are shelves for all the children. Then they don’t have to ask which book is "appropriate" for their age. They just go to that shelf according to age and maturity.

Our oldest is on his own now. But how I wish we had known about KOF starting out with him! I came across Keepers when he was halfway through HS. We read a couple of books aloud and I am thankful for that. "One was Three People." My son signed a pledge in the cover of that book that he would not taste alcohol. He’s in the US Air Force now, and I believe has held his pledge this far.

Having so many girls, :), we have read the books over and over. We use them as examples and reminders as situations come up, and situations always do in bigger families! We have used the Character Series and plan to use more.

Every birthday for some time now, the girls ask for "Keeper" books for gifts. It has become a standard now. The younger children are copying the bigger children and now asking for them too. One daughter just turned seven and was so proud to get her own "Keeper chapter books." The youngest is three and just got the "Birthday Friend" book. The pictures are so sweet that I just bought another copy for her and I to color in. That way she gets to do some "school" too. :) (The same artist for Birthday Friend has illustrated a great coloring book for boys from Rod and Staff.) The coloring book is Happy Hours with Henry and I have been using it with my little boy to reinforce good things. It is a WONDERFUL one for small boys and no doubt, why it was made! :)

Just when I had thought Keepers couldn’t get any better, we came across the books by A.L.O.E.! I (mom) read every Keeper book, no matter the age category. I am very impressed with these titles, and I was impressed with all the other before.

We have our own "Keeper Club" in our own home. We have only met one other homeschool mom who was KOF. And so we continue on and use them in our family. They are a way of life now, used daily, and the examples and stories have given the girls many opportunities to use and help each other, and those around us.

While others think we’re taking things to "extreme," I agree 100% with "How Do We Pick." Our girls are 3 to 17 years, and our little boy is 5. I am so blessed to see my older girls being "Keeperly" and the fruit they are bearing. KOF has made all the difference in our home. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

"Keeperly" had long been an everyday word in our home. I wanted to enter in "Sharing" how we use the program but had missed the deadline.

So I wanted to drop a note and share how it has become a way of life and how grateful I am for your company, the outstanding books and how they reinforce embroidering the Word of God on their hearts.

I have firmly believed that what we read is the area so swiftly used by the enemy. Right before "going along" with a popular curriculum one year, we got our Keepers of the Faith catalog. All my apprehensions were put to rest after reading "How Do We Pick," and we’ve been HUGE fans of Keepers ever since.

No Regrets!! :)

Keep up the superb work! We’ll keep right on ordering, sharing and living as to the Lord.

God Bless you each,


I would like to write this message to the whole Zakula family. Normally I e-mail Susan. She is always so helpful. But I wanted to say thank you to all of you!! It is so nice to use books for my children and not be afraid of what they might read. Especially for our school books, and subjects like science and history. Those are normally books that I really have to watch out for. But not with using what KOF recommends! I was talking with a friend earlier and she was having a problem with a pretty popular hstory book set. I showed her my kids' history books and she couldn't believe it. She is now planning on at least changing her history curriculum. And the Keepers and Contenders books are so wonderful in leading our kids to grow how God would want them to grow and someday have their own families. Service is wonderful with KOF and everything you stand for. So again, to ALL of the Zakula family, THANK YOU!! Teresa

I am a new customer and just received my first order in the mail. I am so delighted with the quality of the books. I am very happy to have been introduced to this website by my cousin. It is hard to know where to shop for good Christian books and I am happy to have found a website I can trust. I look forward to ordering more books as I am able. Thank you for your dedication to Christian values.