McGuffey Workbook Curriculum

The McGuffey Readers provide a solid core for English and writing. If used with the matching McGuffey Workbooks, you need not worry that your children are learning to read without receiving full and competent language skills at the same time. You will not find yourself going back looking for sources from which to cull the many important grammar, usage and punctuation skills that should have been accumulated along the way, but are barely touched upon in many curriculums. By combining the readers with the complementary workbooks, no detail is left out. The program is thorough and comprehensive.

The workbooks are also very child-friendly. The child can easily work though many of the assignments by himself/herself. A note of explanation: At first glance, the early readers seem to be very easy. However, it will quickly become obvious that in the early part of the program the depth of instruction is in the accompanying workbooks. The workbooks admirably fill in for the teacher whose job it was at one time to complement the readers with all the necessary grammar and usage instruction.

Also, because these readers and workbooks are so very thorough and comprehensive, some children may need to step back to a previous grade level with respect to some skills. This is not cause for alarm. What is important is that a thorough foundation is laid. You can work through these workbooks at a pace suitable to the child. This program allows you to master the curriculum and achieve the results you desire. It does not master you, leaving you without control of the results.

Please see the section "What You Need by Grade" to choose the workbooks for your child, and order them individually. You can also order the complete sets for grades one through four below.