Miscellaneous Sharing

A Club's Story

Our Keepers and Contenders group consists of about 10 home school families. We meet at our home once a month. Thankfully the Lord has blessed us with several acres for the children to explore. This year the Contenders groups have learned many skills including orienteering. Two of the home school dads were able to be with us this year to teach. Normally, however, it is just my husband who teaches the Contenders due to his somewhat flexible work schedule.

Our Keepers group is blessed with moms and older daughters who are “self taught” in many skills. This year our main focus was learning to make candles, soap making, canning, and bread making. We made the candles outside in a huge cast iron pot under the direction of one of our older daughters – in period costume no less. We were also able to make soap into wonderful shapes using various cookie cutters. The girls were able to take a sample home of both the candles and the soap they had made.

We are so blessed to have a wide range of ages in both our Contenders and Keepers. I find that even the smaller girls and boys are able to soak up the knowledge they are shown. We might have to revisit certain skills later but they seem to be learning a lot. We typically end our “school year” with a celebration for each group. The Contenders have a campout/hike at our home. The Keepers celebrate with a tea party. Both groups are a blessing to be a part of and we thank you for the resources you provide. (Oneonta, AL)

Even before I heard of the spring sharing contest, I wanted to write and share what my Keepers and Contenders group has accomplished and thank you for your wonderful resources for Christian families. Both groups have been meeting for almost four years. There are five boys and five girls ranging in age from 7 to 13. We meet every two weeks at Mrs. Marla Holmes’ house. Marla is our host and organizer. In addition to our biweekly meeting, we also have hosted a yearly science fair, holiday parties, an award banquet, a craft fair, family hobby nights, and field trips. Through your wonderful resources, our children have developed a deeper knowledge of God and many life skills. They have also developed Godly friendships. The families, four of us, have become closer and now meet together once a week for a homeschool co-op.

I wanted to share what our children did this last Christmas 2010. The girls hosted the Christmas party and prepared all the food using their cooking, baking, hospitality, and etiquette skills they have learned. They organized the games and gift exchange and decorated for the event. All the children, boys and girls, decorated the gingerbread houses they designed and made at two earlier meetings. Even the youngest children did an amazingly, wonderful job as you can see from the photos. Thank you again for your children’s programs that honor the family and put God above all. (Fruitport, MI)

About one year ago, my mother started a Keepers of the Home group in Albany, Oregon. We are a group of home school families with girls that range from 5 to 11 years old. We start every meeting with prayer and a devotion. Then we get a chance to show what we worked on over the week and also recite any scripture memory work that we’ve been learning. Each week we also have a new activity.

We have done a bunch of things this past year. We learned how to quilt and embroider. We have also started to learn about different kinds of trees. We even went to the coast and stayed in small octagonal cabins called yurts. But, I have to say that my favorite thing to do is visit the residents at Mennonite Village, a home for the aged. 21 At Mennonite Village, we take and decorate cookies with the residents. Mennonite Village is the senior home where my dad works. We went at Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. I like doing it because it is fun for us but I think it makes them happy too. So from learning about the home and nature, to some sweet and fun fieldtrips, Keepers of the Home is something I am always looking forward to. (Lebanon, OR)