The earth upon which we live is an amazing creation of our God. In His perfect design He has covered the surface of the earth with life-sustaining water. Countless numbers of creatures live within this water, and none of us can live without it! The vast majority of water is collected into five large bodies of water we call oceans.

Things to Learn

  1. List the five oceans from largest to smallest and give their size.
  2. List the deepest point of each ocean and where it is located.
  3. How much of the earth is covered by the oceans?
  4. Explain the effects the ocean currents have on the climate.
  5. Explain what ocean zones are and name each zone.
  6. What are ocean tides caused by?
  7. List some of the uses of the oceans.
  8. What causes ocean tsunamis?
  9. Pick an ocean and write a short essay on it.

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