Patriotism Sharing

Patriotism Musicale

Our club presented a patriotic musicale, Old Glory Grows Up. The children were awarded two badges (Patriotism and Singing) because there were many skills that were worked on. The children learned about the birth of our nation through drama and song. With emphasis on Patriotism, they learned about the importance of our flag, how it has changed over the years, and the respect we should have for it. The children also witnessed a presentation by the Civil Air Patrol during the night of the presentation. The children were also taught about each branch of our military and learned their individual songs.

A few important figures that represent our country were also introduced to the children. Betsy Ross, George Washington, Uncle Sam, Francis Scott Key, Columbia and The Statue of Liberty—to name a few. The children enjoyed learning about the freedom of our country and the importance of fighting for our freedom. They also learned many patriotic songs and continue to sing them with pride. (Tampa, FL)

Patriotism Skill Sparks Learning

Our Contenders are very patriotic and were excited to work on this skill. Each boy memorized the Preamble to the Constitution, learned to sing the National Anthem, and perfected the Pledge of Allegiance. We also learned flag etiquette and flag handling. Every boy created a notebook containing pictures of national symbols, such as the seal and the flag, along with an explanation of what the colors and symbols mean. We also studied maps, learned important dates, and read about great men in American History.  (Sapulpa, OK)

Patriotism Encouraged History, Sewing, Leatherworking, and Public Speaking

I could have listed this under history, sewing, or leatherworking as well as patriotism. We had studied the Civil War in depth this past year as well as westward expansion and the "Homestead Act." We decided to join a Civil War re-enacting group and help to keep the integrity and moral fabric of that era alive as we present living history demonstrations to the public. We do craft demonstrations as well as the military side. I could also list public speaking as well as Christian witnessing as skills our children are perfecting. This is a wholesome activity our whole family enjoys.  (Apple Creek, OH)