Repurposing is when we take something that is meant for one use and use it differently. A coffee cup can serve as a pencil holder. Repurposing also means to take something, modify it, and use it differently. One could take several old shirts, cut them up, and use the material to sew a quilt.

Repurposing can save a lot of money, and can provide us with many things right from our own supply of stuff. When you think about what you need—a new purse, a gift, a small bookshelf, a bookcover, a toybox, look around your home and see if there is anything you could use to create your new object. Of course, ask your dad and mom first if it is okay to use the materials.

You know, repurposing is something like what God does with those who come to Him. We give up the things of this world to live and serve Him. He gives us a new purpose for our lives!

Repurpose three things by modifying the items to create new ones.

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