What Are Keepers Clubs?

Keepers GirlAcademics will always be a vital part of a child's education, but children need much more if they are to develop into capable, competent adults--the adults that God intends them to be. As they grow and mature, they need additional skills to prepare them for life. Many other things will be expected of them when they get a job. They need to learn financial responsibility, how to lead their families, and most importantly, how to serve the Lord in all that they do!

This is a "hands-on" type program that you, as a parent, can use to teach your child those practical skills not normally learned as academic endeavors. Designed for use in the privacy of your own home, your own group or association, or a church fellowship, these programs for boys and girls incorporate Christian principles as an integral part of the learning process.

You, the parents, are in control of what your child is being taught. Adapt these programs to fit the needs of your group or even your family. They will grow with you. Working and learning together side by side develops strong family ties between parent and child for life. Proven successful for over 20 years, Keepers of the Faith programs can help develop these strong family ties.

These programs are Bible-based and Christ-centered. When you use them you, the parents and leaders, are in control. You join no organizations. You, as parents or leaders, are free to decide exactly how you will use the program to help your children.

In keeping with the concept of putting you in control, you will also find no denominational teachings or leanings. The Bible, living it, and the Christian walk are all integral to these programs, but their purpose is to provide a simple Bible based curriculum, not to enter into doctrinal conflicts. They have changed the lives of young people (and the lives of parents and leaders) for two decades.

Catch the Vision!

Catch the vision of what you can teach your children! Maybe you prefer the family-based approach. That's great. Use the program as a family. Maybe you would like to use it in a group setting. That's also fine. It works great in a home school support group, a larger association, or even as a large church group.

Enlist older folks to impart their knowledge and skills to young learners. Ask Aunt Violet to teach quilting. Ask Uncle Tom to help out with woodworking. Ask a widow at church to teach the girls how to knit. She'll be delighted! Ask an elder to give some instruction on finances and thrift.

Young people are like sponges. They would love to reach some level of competency in things like electricity, woodworking, crafting and bread-making skills. We parents should be continually teaching and training our young ones. We do not need to be overwhelmed by that thought. Nor do we need to simply job the task out to others. We can do it! If there are areas in which you are not skilled, do not let your child grow up that way. There is no excuse. Never in the history of the world were there ever so many resources available from which to learn. There are many right in this catalog.

If you school at home, this program is an excellent complement to any academic curriculum. It provides a structure for all those practical and spiritual areas for which materials are not so readily available. A mid-week service is an excellent time for a church to form a Keepers of the Faith club.