A Friend in Need and Other Stories E-Book

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This little volume is an eclectic, yet awesomely instructive, set of stories for a young person of any age, and, I might add for us adults also. A Friend in Need is a story about a young man who goes well out of his way to do that which he does not need to do for another—or does he? In truth, he may be doing only what God expects of His own. In any case, the young man perseveres in doing good, and, as we all know is true, God does notice, and repayment comes in one of those unlooked-for ways that God so often uses.

The other stories are quite thought-provoking on subjects like the seriousness of ignoring or mocking at "little sins," the devastation that can be caused by "little disobediences," the worthlessness of our goodness, the mercy in God's affliction, the wages of putting one's self first, and the motives that destroy most of our good works. Enlightening.

Available in .epub and .pdf format.

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