Cunning Workmen E-Book

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Cunning Workmen is about workers for Christ, but what an unusual bunch of workers! Since we know that Mrs. Alden used real people whom she knew to develop much of what she wrote, it is sad to see, that even in her day, the church was full of people who professed faith in Christ, but had no true interest in the things of a new heart. The author realistically portrays many such people—often trusted workers in the church—and we get a glimpse into the effects of such a life on itself, others, and the church. The young people in Sunday school—what an example these workers make for them! Is it any wonder that so many young people do not come to Christ when those who are assigned to lead them often mislead them, by living such indifferent lives? And then, how is one to interact with such people in the name of Christ? This is an interesting read. It offers so much to learn and ponder, and it is so encouraging!

Available in .epub and .pdf format.

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