Ester Ried E-Book

Code: 006515
List Price: $7.95
Price: $4.95
Author: Isabella Alden (Pansy)
Publ: Keepers of the Faith
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Pages: 221
Type: Fiction
Age: Adult

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Ester Ried was originally published in 1870. It was one of Mrs. Alden's earliest books and became her most popular work. It is the story of a young woman (18) who claims to be a Christian, but shows a lack of love, patience, and concern for her younger siblings. The work load at home is heavy. She often complains, and is irritable most of the time. The story is about her spiritual awakening to the Lord, and what it means to be a servant with a sweet and willing spirit. After "awakening" she realizes what a different effect she might have had on her younger brothers and sisters had she acted like a real Christian. God expects certain behavior from those who claim His name. This is an excellent story and would be a great book for older sisters to read! KOF Old Reprint.