Four Girls at Chautauqua E-Book

Code: 006518
Price: $4.95
Author: Isabella Alden (Pansy)
Publ: Keepers of the Faith
Type: Fiction
Age: Adult

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This is the first story in a series about four girls who attend one of the first Chautauqau Bible meetings. (It was actually like a Bible camp which lasted for a week or so.) Three of these young girls professed to be Christians and were regular attendees at church, but, although they professed Christ, there was little or no proof in their daily lives. The fourth girl never even professed to be a Christian. These girls went for a lark to Chautuaqua, and when they came under the earnest preaching of the Word of God, and were in daily contact with sincere believers, they became aware of their cold, lifeless hearts. Four Girls at Chautauqua reveals how God works in the souls of different people, drawing each to Himself. As with all Mrs. Alden's books, the difference between those who simply attend church and those who love Jesus Christ is plainly illustrated. This book will help the reader to discern in just which group he or she might be.

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