Four Mothers at Chautauqua E-Book

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This is the concluding sequel to the Chautauqua Series. The four mothers, now grandmothers, had always wanted to return to Chautauqua, but circumstances and life had prevented them until now. They return to their beloved Chautauqua with children and grandchildren in tow. These four ladies have remained faithful to their Lord throughout their lives; all of their children have come to love the Lord except for two. In part, this is the story of the two remaining children to be brought into God's fold. In one way this book was disappointing because Chautauqua, twenty-five years later, had changed. Although the Bible was still preached and Christ was upheld in sermons, the flavor of many of the classes had changed from simple Bible lessons to classes on upholding the intellectual and literary tastes of the people. There was even a musical presentation of Sleeping Beauty. Isn't this just how life is? Gradually the philosophies of the world creep in one door, and God leaves through the other. Mrs. Alden, in her earlier books, always pointed out the dangers of entertainments, especially in the area of performances. Sadly, in this book performances had come to Chautauqua. One note of interest to the fans of Mrs. Alden is that in her autobiography, toward the end of her life, she wrote that she no longer attended Chautuaqua because of its worldliness, but had moved to join with those who were going back to, or staying with, the Bible. Fans of the Four Girls at Chautauqua will enjoy reading about the closing years of their lives. KOF Old Reprint. Available in .epub and .pdf format.

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