Children of Cloverly

Code: 003390
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Price: $4.00
Author: Hesba Stretton
Publ: Keepers of the Faith
Bind: Perfect Bound
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Pages: 183
Type: Fiction
Age: Junior
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There are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful this book is! It is the sequel to Fern's Hollow and tells about a young brother and sister who must leave America shortly after their mother dies, and while their father must return to his post in the Civil War. These children travel alone to England sustained by their faith in their heavenly Father, Who cares for little children. Annie, the young girl, is an outstanding example of childlike faith, love and patience and has a real heart for being a servant. She reminds us of the verse in Isaiah 11:6 where it speaks of "a little child shall lead them." A child filled with the Holy Spirit who loves her heavenly Father can certainly touch the hearts of others.

As the story unfolds, the reader is drawn to Annie's sweetness in adversity, and her life clearly displays what it is like to have a personal relationship with Jesus. After reading this, we told our daughters to read this story over and over again to their daughters, because it is such a clear example of a godly, sweet child. We, too, found ourselves praying to have this same sweet spirit. This book may just be life-changing for your children. It will certainly be a book to be treasured and kept through the years. KOF Old Reprint.