Keepers at Home Letter to Girls

(This letter appears in the Keepers at Home Handbook )

Dear Girls,

This book is for you! It is your stepping stone to becoming all God would have you to be. Because you will not always be a young girl but will grow up to become a lovely Christian woman, this handbook will help prepare you for your future. As you work through its pages, you will learn how to have a consistent spiritual life, how to make beautiful things with your hands, become competent through the knowledge of many skills, become an accomplished keeper at home, and develop a servant's heart through learning how to love others.

Now is the most important time in your life, for you are now becoming what you will be in the future. The things you enjoy doing now will be the things you will enjoy doing in the future. There is not a moment to waste in preparing to be a godly woman. So now is the time to be busy! My prayer to God for you is that this handbook will be a "stepping stone" to becoming a Christian woman prepared to be a helpmeet and servant of God.

Mrs. Susan Zakula

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