Keepers at Home Letter to Mothers

(This letter appears in the Keepers at Home Handbook )

Dear Mothers,

This is the most important time in your life, for it is the only time God has given you to "mother" your dear, precious daughters. They are only with you for a few short years, and in these few short years, they have so much to learn about our Lord Jesus Christ, about being a Christian woman, and about being prepared to be a wife, manage a home, and rear their own future children.

We mothers certainly have a job to do. This handbook can be a real help in teaching many of the basics in both a structured and creative manner. The girls will have a great deal of fun learning new skills, all the while building character and good habits. Being a "keeper at home" is a very worthwhile job and quite an enjoyable one.

Do not let the list of skills intimidate you. If you do not know some of them, why not learn right along with your daughters? Instructional books are a great help, but you also might find an older woman in your fellowship who would be happy to share her area of knowledge with you.

I can attest from personal experience that, if you spend time with your daughters by sharing in feminine activities such as cooking, crafts, and learning new skills together, you will not only be close with your daughters during this learning process, but you will be close friends the rest of your lives. Over twenty-five years ago, I started this program for my lonely, little girl. She is now a mother of five, and guess what? She lives just a few blocks from me! I not only get to be close with her, but with my grandchildren as well. And, yes, we have a small Keepers' club still going! Even if you cannot live near to your daughter, do not miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build this relationship.

There is nothing more important than teaching our daughters to love the Lord and live godly lives by serving Him and living for Him. We can best live for Him by living our lives in the role that He has designed for us, being helpmeets and keepers at home. May God bless you as you begin the wonderful journey of teaching your daughters, and becoming lifelong friends in the process.

Because of His mercy to me, Susan Zakula

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