Ordered Steps

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Author: Jessica Dorfsmith
Publ: Carlisle Press
Bind: Perfect Bound
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Pages: 129
Type: Christian Living
Subj: Being Single
Age: Adult
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I can't say how long it has been since I have read a contemporary book that is truly a godly treasure, but Ordered Steps is one. Jessica is a woman (35) for whom "Mr. Right" has not yet come along. She writes of the pain, the disappointment, the unfulfilled dreams, how discontent set in, and how she has worked through these things to live a vibrant and happy life knowing that it is God Who orders her steps.

Everyone needs to read this book: young women, married women, and grandmothers too! Jessica's story is an encouragement to all of us as she gives us a valuable insight into the life of one whom the Saviour is asking to walk singly at present. But this book ministers to more than singles. It will greatly benefit those with difficult marriages, those experiencing the disappointment of being childless, those feeling burdened with child rearing and keeping a home, those who may be widowed or divorced—and are struggling to carry on. Does God order those steps too? I personally would rate Jessica's writings alongside Amy Carmichael or Elizabeth Prentiss. This book is a true jewel. I'd give it a 20 rating!! Susan