Thoughtfulness Character Book

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If I speak before I think,
And if I act before I consider,
If I ever speak or act on impulse,
I know nothing yet of thoughtfulness.

Simply put, thoughtfulness means to be full of thought—but it means so much more. It means thoughts fully formed through reasoning, and understanding. It also means thoughts formed for the goodness and benefit of others. We think about our own benefit all the time, but that thought involves no strength of character.

Our thoughts become our beliefs. What if they are wrong? Serious thinking is important—especially when it comes to God. A thoughtful person will find truth; others simply find a belief. A non-thinker doesn't even know what he doesn't know. He is a favorite target for the devil to lead astray.

Thoughtfulness is essential to a Christlike character. What we think governs whether we do wisely or foolishly—how we behave, how we spend, who we choose as friends—it governs everything we ever do. Thoughtful people understand that all actions bring about consequences—not only to ourselves, but others. Others are important to God. That is why we cannot be godly without thoughtfulness.

God is a most thoughtful God. He excels at thoughtfulness. If we want to learn how to be truly thoughtful, we only need to study His thoughts revealed by His Words in the Bible. In this study on thoughtfulness, we will learn a great deal about that subject, and our hope and prayer is that each of you will become a more thoughtful person, taking a great deal of thought about your faith and your life.