Honesty Character Book

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If I ever seek my own advantage, If I cannot be specific about my faults, If I fear to be not only truthful, but guileless, I know nothing yet of honesty.

When asked what "honesty" means, many people would reply that it means "truthfulness." While it is true that truthfulness is a very large part of honesty, and that the two are very similar, they do have some differences. Truthfulness is an issue whenever we speak to another. Honesty, however, is involved in everything that we do, whether alone or with others. A person can be truthful in his speech, and yet hide certain things. These things, if known by others, might make a difference in how the person is trusted. Hiding things would not be truly honest. When people decide to trust us, they must be given all the details that might affect their decision.

We can often be unfair to people, or take advantage of them, without ever speaking to them. We often do so by simply not letting them know something. We could share with someone, and yet take the better portion. If that person knew, would he object? If we do not tell the whole truth, we have not lied, but we have been dishonest. Honesty tells all, and weighs all with an equal balance.

Honesty is incorruptible. Suppose someone offers us a better portion when things are to be shared. Honesty refuses to receive privileges that are unearned and not received fairly by others.

Honesty is blunt. Suppose someone asks us a question, and that person will need to take action based upon our answer. What if the whole answer—the best answer—would hurt that person's feelings? Do we save ourselves some embarrassment and spare that person's feelings by giving him the closest answer that pleases him? Honesty does not do such a thing. A dishonest answer may please the person, but it will harm him.

A person's level of honesty becomes a part of that person's reputation. "Provide things honest in the sight of all men." Men cannot see all that we do, but they watch the result of our actions more closely than we think. God's wants us to be honest!