Willingness Character Book

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Author: Keepers of the Faith
Publ: Keepers of the Faith
Bind: Perfect Bound
Size: 8 x 6 1/2
Pages: 68
Type: How-to
Subj: Willingness
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If I am slow to respond when asked,
If I cannot find happiness in meeting others’ needs,
If my own enjoyments loom important,
I know nothing yet of willingness.

Our lives are always blessed and made a little easier by those dear people who have willing spirits.  Young people are a real source of joy to parents, teachers, and others when they have learned how to have a willing spirit.  And one of the personal rewards of a willing spirit is a much more peaceful life that is rich in the love and affection of others.  A person with a willing spirit seldom experiences strife and contention.  Are we born with willing spirits?  Hardly.  It is one of those godly character traits for which we strive.  Of course, it probably is not necessary to say that we need to have unwilling spirits when it comes to the temptations of sin.  However, where sin is not involved, and we can be of use to others, we should learn to willingly put ourselves aside, and energetically launch into the task, whatever it may be.