Your Club Your Way

That's right! Your club your way!

No charters—No surprises!
Teach your club's needs the way you feel comfortable.
Your club, your children, your way!

The Keepers Clubs are also perfect training tools for a single family. Just get the handbooks and get started! It's that simple. No dues, member fees, reporting, or any other hassles to make it difficult. It's Your Club Your Way!

  • No registration required
  • Uniforms not required
  • One lifetime handbook—convenient and economical
  • Join a club that bonds your family
  • Easy to start—you'll love what you've begun

Order handbooks today! Start the new year with great new tools to teach and bond your family! Prepare your children for the future in a fun way! Keepers Clubs are perfect for families, homeschool co-ops, and church groups

New on Keepers Corner

Chalk Drawing

Our club joined professional artist Elva Hurst for a “chalk talk” in her barnyard studio located locally. Our senses were engaged through music, storytelling, and Elva’s amazing chalk artistry. She has professionally pre-recorded a selection of inspirational messages that you may choose. Then she illustrates the story right before your eyes. Her website is The club paid for the chalk talk but asked each member to supply the additional fee for a chalk lesson afterward. Read more . . .

Updated Handbook!

Keepers of the Faith GirlsWe have come to realize that the aim of the Keepers of the Faith program for girls is a whole-life exercise of faith that goes well beyond being a keeper at home. Our clubs seem to feel the same way, and often call themselves "Keepers of the Faith Girls." The new name Keepers of the Faith Girls will allow each girl, each family, each church, to be keepers of their faith, and all that that means to them.

So we have chosen a new title, "Keepers of the Faith" program for girls to go along with our "Contenders for the Faith" program for boys. You won't need to buy new handbooks. The content is the same with just a few word changes to keep the flow of the new name.

There will be new t-shirts available as well as new membership pins and more. The handbooks are available now.

We are excited about this new change, and we hope you will be too! May we all be real Keepers of our Faith.

The Folks at Keepers

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Product Spotlight

If I speak before I think,
And if I act before I consider,
If I ever speak or act on impulse,
I know nothing yet of thoughtfulness.

Simply put, thoughtfulness means to be full of thought—but it means so much more. It means thoughts fully formed through reasoning, and understanding. It also means thoughts formed for the goodness and benefit of others. We think about our own benefit all the time, but that thought involves no strength of character.

Our thoughts become our beliefs. What if they are wrong? Serious thinking is important—especially when it comes to God. A thoughtful person will find truth; others simply find a belief. A non-thinker doesn't even know what he doesn't know. He is a favorite target for the devil to lead astray.

Thoughtfulness is essential to a Christlike character. What we think governs whether we do wisely or foolishly—how we behave, how we spend, who we choose as friends—it governs everything we ever do. Thoughtful people understand that all actions bring about consequences—not only to ourselves, but others. Others are important to God. That is why we cannot be godly without thoughtfulness.

God is a most thoughtful God. He excels at thoughtfulness. If we want to learn how to be truly thoughtful, we only need to study His thoughts revealed by His Words in the Bible. In this study on thoughtfulness, we will learn a great deal about that subject, and our hope and prayer is that each of you will become a more thoughtful person, taking a great deal of thought about your faith and your life.