Kindergarten Curriculum Introduction

Welcome to our kindergarten curriculum! Our main goal in kindergarten will be to successfully lay a student's reading foundation. If we accomplish this goal, the student will have a springboard that will propel him to success for many years to come. This goal can be accomplished in two easy steps. Step one is to complete Reading Readiness and step two is to begin Succeeding at Reading. Using these two tools for fifteen minutes per day four to five days a week are all that is needed to accomplish the goal. Should you have any questions or troubles, we give free lifetime support. This is the only tool we use and recommend. Using these tools, we have taught children to read as young as age three, and tutored students as old as seventeen! It does not matter what age the student is. This tool works!

The second goal will be to introduce the student to penmanship, which will be accomplished using Practice Makes Penmanship. It is very easy and simple to use.

After the student has finished Reading Readiness, progressed to lesson twenty-four in Succeeding at Reading, and completed Practice Makes Penmanship, he is ready to begin the first grade curriculum.