What Makes Christian Life Readers Different?

There are lots of readers out there. Why did we create yet another set? And what sets these apart from all the rest? We wanted something that would not only build reading ability more effectively than most others, but would build lives as well. Christian Life Readers are not just readers?they are life-impacting. We could almost call them Christian life training manuals.

A reader, especially a Christian reader, should be more than just a collection of stories. At this formative stage of the student's life it is important to build a strong spiritual foundation as well as a reading foundation. Christian Life Readers do just that. The lessons in the Christian Life Readers are about the Christian life. They will provoke thought about the student's own life. They require spiritual thinking and evaluation. As the student's reading comprehension grows, his or her spiritual discernment will be commensurately exercised.

Yet, the primary goal of a reading course is to build effective reading skills. This is where Christian Life Readers excel. The ability to read is an extensive set of skills built one upon another in proper sequence until the whole becomes a single, complete, instinctive process. Recent findings by ACT, the college testing organization, indicated that most college entrants are currently deficient in the necessary reading comprehension skills to perform at college levels. One article stated: "In complex reading passages, organization may be elaborate, messages may be implicit, interactions among ideas or characters may be subtle and the vocabulary is demanding and intricate."

Christian Life Readers are specifically designed to build these skills. Once the student has become familiar with basic phonetic constructs through a good phonics program like Succeeding at Reading, basic comprehension skills are addressed in the First Reader. Skills are then built line upon line and brick upon brick throughout the entire series. Many facets of comprehension are exercised in increasing degrees building up to the levels mentioned.

Christian Life Readers do not just introduce vocabulary. They build lifetime vocabulary skills. Vocabulary is the media of communication. Speaking, reading, writing, and the comprehension of such cannot exist without vocabulary. The life skills and habits for building one's vocabulary are an integral part of each lesson, even to the inclusion of several levels of mini-dictionaries to encourage and cement competent dictionary usage.

Early on, the student is introduced gradually to different types and usages of punctuation. Punctuation is as integral to the written word as voice inflection is to the spoken word. The student will learn, through reading with attention to punctuation, to fluently translate from one medium to the other. As comprehension skills increase, analysis becomes a part of the lesson exercises. Thus, as all these factors come into play, the full process of reading is realized.

Add to this the careful mix of studies in character and godliness, and you have a superior learning environment in which your child will learn to excel at consuming and digesting the written word. Awareness of the value of such traits at an early age, when the mind is in such a receptive state, will serve as a springboard into a positive, competent, rewarding life. Good character breeds success, and everything works better when it is rightly related to God. It is our intent that these readers should bring all these important benefits to the life of the student, and thus teach those things that are also dear to the teacher and parent.