Who Are We?

People often ask us who we are and how did Keepers of the Faith come about. The answer is quite simple. Twenty-nine years ago as we began our family life, we earnestly desired that our children would be well-prepared for life. We were always very strong on academics, but we knew that this would take much more than academics alone. We began to look for ways to teach the hundreds of things that we wanted our children to know beyond academics.

We also cared very much about building and maintaining a close family that would last for a lifetime. Was it possible that families, that generations, could remain good friends and live in harmony? We certainly hoped so! As we came to Christ in our early twenties, we then knew that we would want to make sure that we also passed our faith on to our children, for it was not only important for them to be prepared for this life, but much more important for them to be prepared for eternity as well.

We began planning and scheduling ways to develop practical skills. We made what we could family-centered, attempting to make all Christ-centered. It spread to other children, became a church program, and even spread to other churches.

These ideas seemed to work well for our children and many others also. Today, our three children are married and all live nearly within a stone's throw. They are now doing their best to live for, and teach their children to love, the same Lord Jesus Who has meant so much to us. As grandparents, we are delighted to see these same skills and Christian values being passed on by our children to yet another generation.

Susan is still enjoying a Keepers club with her own daughter and daughters-in-law. Some of the granddaughters are big enough to join in now too. They spend an afternoon each week sharing a Bible study and working on crafts together. We grandparents still enjoy working with our grandchildren, sharing some of the same things that our adult children remember being shared with them.

Our programs and our catalog are built on twenty-nine years of teaching, training and encouraging our own and many hundreds of other children of all ages. We pray that parents will find in these pages tools to build strong families, that will be close, not only in this life, but in the next also.

If we can be of help in anyway, please let us know. For as the scripture says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." 3 Jn 1:4. We would delight to help and share with you in your joy of your children walking in truth.

Because of His mercy,

Jeff, Susan, Tony, and Nick Zakula